1st Management meeting Hannover between 25-26th March 2013

1st Management meeting of VETVIP group was held in Hannover between 25-26th March 2013. Representatives of all entities were present including:

  • P1 Polish partner: Zbigniew Gradzki, Marta Kankofer
  • P2 German partner: Jan Ehlers, Hassan Naim, Maren von Koeckritz-Blickwede, Graham Brogden,
  • P3 Hungarian partner: Mira Mandoki, Tibor Bartha
  • P4 German partner: Martin Adler

The meeting was utilized for the summary of past activities and plans for future – reporting as well as administration. Five cases were presented during meeting. They were discussed and preliminary evaluated. General criteria regarding technical aspects and meritoric evaluation for all cases were established.

Next management meeting is planned in Oct 2013 in Munich.