4th Management meeting of the VETVIP group

4th Management meeting of the VETVIP group was held in Lublin on 9th Oct 2014. Representatives of all institutions were present, including:

  • P1 Polish partner: Zbigniew Gradzki, Marta Kankofer
  • P2 German partner: Hassan Naim, Christin Kleinsorgen, Maren von Koeckritz-Blickwede
  • P3 Hungarian partner: Mira Mandoki, Tibor Bartha
  • P4 German partner: Martin Adler

The meeting was devoted to summarizing the whole project. Short presentations delivered by each partner clearly confirmed that the project was run successfully, it brought positive results both to students and teaching staff, and that it will be disseminated to other veterinary faculties in Europe. It was agreed that further information about the possible use and applications of the cases will be available on the project web page.