Partners and tasks

E-learning department from Hannover will support teachers in preparing materials of appropriate pedagogic and technical quality and will assess professionally their valuability. While Instruct AG from Munich will be responsible for computer infrastructure and the access to computer programme Casus which will be used by authors.
Student satisfaction level as well as learning success will be assessed by professional pedagogic as well as statistical methods by E-learning department from Hannover. The results will be disseminated via national and international meetings and scientific publications.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine which is one of 6 faculties of University of Life Sciences in Lublin will coordinate the project.

Department of Animal Biochemistry and Physiology will be responsible for preparing virtual problems and implementing it.

From University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover two units will participate in the project 

Main unit involved in preparing virtual problems from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest will be Department of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry.

Instruct AG from Munich will provide with technological computer infrastructure as well as access to computer programme for creating virtual problems.